The Bartender Between Worlds




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Low-stakes magic, crafting cocktails, and discovering the power of who we truly are.

Emma grew up as a Hunter of the Cursed—those charged with eradicating monsters and magic from the Kingdom. She’s damn good at it too and is revered as one of the King’s most skilled hunters. At least she was—until she discovered she possessed magic herself.

Before anyone else can discover her secret, Emma abandons her post and flees to the far edge of the Kingdom, where she hopes she can settle down and live a quiet life as a bartender, out of the Hunters’ watchful eye.

Fate, however, won’t allow us to run away from who we are so easily.

When Emma is confronted by an exiled fairy and a man who claims to be a scientist (though Emma is convinced he’s a sorcerer), she must evaluate what she believes and the confines of who she’s been allowed to be.

Pulled on a journey that takes her further than she’d ever imagined possible, Emma is led on an adventure to discover where her fate lies and must confront her own biases, hopefully learning a drink recipe or two along the way.

A low-stakes cozy fantasy about cocktails, magic, portals, and finding where we truly belong.

If you enjoyed the themes of leaving it all behind in books like Legends & Lattes, and the fun and low-stakes magic in The Wizard’s Guide to Defensive Baking, then this is the book for you.


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