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Where do you draw the line between rebellion and devastation?

As the Syndicate Empire teeters on civil war, the decisions of Django, Mikka, and Eventide will shape the course of humanity.

Django is faced with a decision: trust the man he’s called uncle, or betray him to the man who promises Eventide’s return. Who can you trust when your entire world has been a lie?

Mikka stands to lose everything as she races to decipher the motives of the unpredictable space pirate, Abigail Monroe. David Aries has won her heart, but will Abigail save her soul?

Eventide, trapped on the Domani vessel, the Inanna, must determine a path of escape. With every heartbeat, her resolve to reunite with Django strengthens, but will she maintain control of her own emotions long enough to form a plan?

In the Syndicate controlled system, trust is hard to earn, and even more difficult to maintain, while betrayal lurks in every shadow. The trio must navigate through a web of lies to emerge unscathed. Will their choices result in Redemption? Or Ruin?

Resurgence pulses with treacherous alliances, enigmatic characters, and heart-stopping revelations, weaving an epic story of determination, trust, and destiny. The third electrifying entry in the Fractured Orbit sci-fi series is a must-read for dystopian and sci-fi fans alike.