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When your world has been torn apart, who can you trust to piece it back together?

Django and Mikka, fresh off their departure from Eclipse, dive into the Loop, the volatile heart of the inner solar system teeming with danger, deception, and insurmountable obstacles.

Django, forcefully torn away from his best friend Eventide, embarks on a desperate mission to find her. Amidst the haunting specters of his uncle’s hidden past and the shadows of a dubious revolution, trust is a scarce commodity.

Mikka grapples with her complex relationship with Commander David Aries. His persuasive charm seeks to pull her into his ambitious plot to overthrow the Empire, but an enigmatic warning urges her to reconsider. Is he enemy, or lover?

In the intricate web of secrets and lies, Django and Mikka must carve a path without becoming ensnared.

The stakes are high — the lives of those they hold dear. When betrayal looms and allegiances are tested, where will they stand?

Chimera brims with unexpected friendships, formidable adversaries, and gripping twists, weaving a tale of loyalty, courage, and sacrifice. The second book in the compelling Fractured Orbit sci-fi saga is a must for any fan of the genre. Are you ready to jump into the unknown?


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