“Conflicts between stations, ships, and societal strata in an impending galaxy-wide conflict that will be of interest to fans of the Expanse series. It’s a fun first book that sets up a promising series.”
— Booklist

Science fiction at its best. I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy sci-fi to add to the top of their TBR pile.”
— The Fantasy Review


We’ve colonized the solar system, but we’re not allowed to return home.

Django had everything he ever wanted… now he’s lost it all.

When Django uncovered an unexpected truth, he didn’t know it would end the lives of nearly everyone he cares about. Left only with his sister, his best friend and an uncle who has some unhinged ideas about what might exist outside of the space station Eclipse, he must follow the truth where it leads – even if it leaves him with nothing.

Mikka can’t escape her dubious past… and now must answer for past sins.

Mikka thought she had left her life as a notorious space pirate behind to care for her ailing mother, but the past comes knocking after her ship, the Redemption, answers a cryptic distress call.

Forced to face a deal she made with the devil years ago, Mikka has no choice but to step back into her old life and make another hesitant pact… with an eccentric pirate.

Django and Mikka’s paths collide as they embark on a journey that will shape the fate of a civilization built on half-truths and the backs of others. Rumors of civil war circulate through the Syndicate’s empire, catching both Django and Mikka in the crossfire — where the stakes are far higher than they realize.

Neither is prepared. Neither is willing. But they will no longer be able to ignore the truth.

A dystopian space adventure that’s been described as The Hunger Games meets The Expanse, ECLIPSE is filled with unwilling heroes, a hidden world, likeable characters, space pirates, a path of discovery and a road to redemption.

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