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Could the end of humanity really come down to a mistake?

Artificial Insurrection

Vegas is under siege. AI-assisted technology malfunctions at every turn, its actions appearing to be part of a grander, more sinister design, and roving patrols of Sentinel super-soldiers stalk the streets, killing all in their path. Network specialist Terre Hoffman has seen this before, in San Francisco—and that didn’t exactly go so well.

As the city burns, Terre and his companions Hailey, Annika, and Becky race into the Nevada Desert in search of the one man believed to have the answers: Kristopher Klein, Terre’s old colleague and architect of the Guardian Program. But according to the CIA, Terre’s old employer, Kristopher can’t be trusted, and he might even have a hand in the bots’ murderous machinations …

Terre is faced with a difficult choice: trust his friend, or allow the CIA to take him out before humanity learns the true cost of advancing technology capable of replacing them.

But not everyone is opposed to the bots’ ascendance …

Artificial Insurrection is the explosive third volume in The Terre Hoffman Chronicles series.

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